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Gilberto transfer broker loses his £450,000!

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

This is about the agent who helped broker the deal Gilberto transfer from Arsenal to Athletico Mineiro.

He was claiming that Arsenal should have paid him 10% of the £4.5m transfer fee (£450,000.)

Read about how the court battle started off, here.

Simply put: he lost the battle. This is a full article about the case being closed, (taken from this source):

A players’ agent today lost his legal fight over fees he said he was due over the transfer of World Cup winner Gilberto Silva.

Jacques Lichtenstein claimed that Brazilian club Atletico Mineiro agreed to pay him 10% of the £4.5 million transfer fee it received for Silva from Arsenal in July 2002.

The club denied any such deal and said that Brussels-based Mr Lichtenstein and his partner, football consultant and former Spurs star, Ronnie Rosenthal, had nothing to do with the transfer.

Andrew Green, for Atletico, told Mr Justice Jack at London’s High Court, that Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein supported its side of the story.

Mr Dein said Mr Lichtenstein had “missed the train” and had tried to “jump aboard when the train was already moving”.

Arsenal first team manager Arsene Wenger became interested in Silva after watching his performances for Brazil at the 2002 World Cup.

Mr Dein contacted a “good friend”, Dick Law, in Brazil to make inquiries about Silva as he had a background of helping to facilitate transfers of players from Brazilian clubs to Arsenal.

He said Mr Law was not an agent but “a conduit” with a knowledge of Portuguese and Brazilian culture who was “our man on the spot who we trusted implicitly”.

Rejecting Mr Lichtenstein’s claim for commission, the judge said that although he was authorised by Atletico “to interest” Arsenal and Aston Villa in Silva, this was not an “effective cause” of the transfer.

He ordered that the Brazilian club should have its £94,000 costs of the action with £30,000 to be paid into court on account pending any appeal.

He refused Mr Lichtenstein permission to appeal although he can apply to the Court of Appeal direct.

Atletico Mineiro: “Gilberto deal was clean”

Thursday, June 16th, 2005

From the official Arsenal website:

In a nutshell: Gilberto’s former club president says that Arsenal acted 100% legally and properly during the Gilberto Silva deal. While it isn’t concrete, it means that the greedy agent in question, might be trying to make a fast £450,000.

Recent media coverage of the case against Atletico Mineiro, brought by two agents seeking commission from the Brazilian club in relation to the transfer of Gilberto to Arsenal in 2002, has been misleading in parts.

Arsenal Football Club is not party to the case and no claims are being made against the Club.

During the hearing suggestions were made that Arsenal made a covert approach for Gilberto. This suggestion is untrue and today Alexandre Kall, President of Atletico Mineiro, stated: “I am shocked to hear about the press reports concerning the sale of Gilberto Silva.

“I can confirm that Arsenal complied with all the rules and all the negotiations for the player were held exclusively between the two clubs.”

Brazil in the Confederations cup

Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

Gilberto may start the first game in Brasils ‘Confeds Cup’ campaign.

Their fixtures go like so:
Jun 16 2005 Brasil v Greece 19.45
Jun 19 2005 Mexico v Brasil 17.00
Jun 22 2005 Japan v Brasil 19.45

Here is the match preview from ESPN:

Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Parreira is stressing the need for speed when his side make their Confederations Cup debut with a Group B match against Greece in Leipzig on Thursday.

For world player of the year Ronaldinho, just generating some noise would be nice.

‘It’s been too quiet,’ Ronaldinho said from the confines of the team’s secluded hotel near Cologne.

‘I’ve never seen anywhere as quiet as this. We really need a big change.’

A 40,000 crowd will pack the Zentralstadion in Leipzig to give Ronaldinho his wish but the world champions are not expecting an easy night of it.

‘We’re going to need more speed in our play if we’re going to beat Greece,’ Parreira said as the team left for Leipzig. ‘They are very efficient in defence.’

Ronaldo is missing from the Brazilian squad, after the Real Madrid forward was given an extended holiday, but Adriano is back after scoring twice for Inter Milan in the first leg of the Italian Cup final against Roma.

Brazil lost 3-1 to Argentina in their last game, a result that means they need three points from their last three regional games to qualify for next year’s World Cup and Parreira is worried about his defence.

‘We’ll need to be faster in the transition from attack to defence when we lose the ball.

‘Greece will defend with all 11 players and the look to hit on the counter-attack.’

Brazil: Dida; Cicinho, Roque Junior, Juan, Leo or Gilberto; Emerson, Ze Roberto, Kaka, Ronaldinho; Robinho, Adriano

Greece: Antonis Nikopolidis; Yannis Goumas, Michalis Kapsis, Takis Fyssas, Yourkas Seitaridis; Angelos Basinas, Stelios Giannakopoulos, Theodoros Zagorakis, Giorgios Karagounis; Fanis Gekkas, Angelos Haristeas

Arsenal target Robinho buoyed by Silva success

Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

Brasil starlet Robinho complimented Arsenal because of Gilberto and Edu’s success at the club. Arsenal are interested in him, and Gilberto may be a deciding factor in Robinho’s final decision, should he decide to move.

I am proud to see that England is finally opening its doors to Brazilian players.

Gilberto Silva and Edu have done brilliantly at Arsenal and if I know about the club, it is all because of them.

Arsenal are a brave team, because they have two Brazilians and they have both been a success. That is why, for me, they are the best team in England.

Check here for the whole Robinho interview:,4136,89891,00.html

Gilberto’s 2002 transfer fee debated in court

Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

Taken from:

The jist of the following news story is: Jacques Lichtenstein claims that Arsenal promised him 10% of Gilberto’s transfer fee back in 2002 (totalling £450,000), while Arsenal deny ever making this agreement.

Here’s the article in full;

Arsenal Chief Defends Brazil Inquiry over Footballer

By John Aston, PA

Arsenal FC’s vice-chairman David Dein today denied making “covert” approaches to the agent of Brazilian star Gilberto Silva.

His denial came during a High Court row over agent’s fees.

Jacques Lichtenstein is claiming he is owed an agreed £450,000 agent’s fee from top Brazilian side Clube Atletico Mineiro out of the £4.5 million transfer sum it received for Silva from Arsenal in July 2002.

Today, Mr Dein was called to give evidence about the negotiations which led up to the deal.

He said Mr Lichtenstein had “missed the train” and had tried to “jump aboard when the train was already moving”.

Neither he nor his parter, former Spurs, Watford and Liverpool footballer Ronnie Rosenthal, had played any part in raising or developing the deal.

Mr Dein said Arsenal first team manager Arsene Wenger became interested in Silva after watching his performances for Brazil at the 2002 World Cup.

As a result, in June 2002, Mr Dein contacted his “good friend” Dick Law in Brazil to make inquiries about Silva as he had a background of helping to facilitate transfers of players from Brazilian clubs to Arsenal.

Cross-examined by Jonathan Crystal, representing Mr Lichtenstein, Mr Dein described Mr Law as “a conduit” with a knowledge of Portuguese and Brazilian culture who was “our man on the spot who we trusted implicitly”.

When Mr Crystal pointed out that Mr Law was not a FIFA-licensed agent, Mr Dein said: “He did not have to be for the work he was doing.”

When Mr Crystal put it to him that he had asked Mr Law “to make inquiries of the player’s agent”, Mr Dein said it had been “of the player’s agent – and club.”

Mr Crystal: “You asked Mr Law – an unlicensed person – to contact the agent of a football player who was contracted to another club.”

Mr Dein insisted: “I asked him to make inquiries of the footballer’s agent and club.”

Mr Crystal reminded Mr Dein that he had earlier told Mr Justice Jack, sitting at the High Court in London, that he had asked Mr Law to make his inquiries about how much it would cost to buy Silva without revealing that it was Arsenal which was interested in the player.

Mr Crystal asked Mr Dein: “You were asking Mr Law to make covert inquiries of a footballer’s agent and football club, is that not right?”

Mr Dein replied it was not a “covert” approach as Mr Law was being asked to approach both player and club.

He told the court Mr Law was told not to disclose that it was Arsenal that was interested in the player because, once disclosed, “the price goes up”.

Later Mr Dein described Mr Law as “first and foremost a good friend – he was acting out our instructions, but not trying to put together a deal in himself”.

He added: “He was not a football agent. He does not purport to be. He was following my instructions.”

Mr Crystal asked Mr Dein if he knew whether, after Silva’s transfer to Arsenal was completed in July 2002, Mr Law received any money.

Mr Dein: “I understand he had received some money from the agent in Brazil.

“He was not going to see any money from us, and didn’t receive any money from us.”

Mr Dein said Arsenal had paid 1.4m dollars to the lawyers acting for Silva’s agent.

Mr Crystal: “You believe that out of that (1.4m dollars) Mr Law received some money?”

Mr Dein: “Yes.”

Mr Dein was giving evidence on the third day of a hearing in which Mr Lichtenstein, who lives in Brussels, is suing Atletico Mineiro for 800,000 dollars, (about £450,000), claiming they promised him 10% of World Cup winner Silva’s transfer price as an agent’s fee after negotiations with Mr Rosenthal.

The club deny they ever agreed to such a deal and say that Mr Lichtenstein and Mr Rosenthal had nothing to do with the transfer.

The row is now being fought out in a three-day hearing before Mr Justice Jack at London’s High Court.

Yesterday Arsene Wenger told the court that he had “no knowledge” of any agreement between the Brazilian club and Mr Lichtenstein regarding a 10% fee.

Gilberto to start against Greece

Monday, June 13th, 2005

June 16th may see Gilberto starting for Brasil, against Greece.
News24 said:

Arsenal’s Gilberto Silva to play

Palmeiras striker Marcos, however, will get an opportunity during the tournament, and midfielder Emerson will make way in at least one match for Arsenal’s Gilberto Silva.

Silva was in Brazil’s 2002 World Cup-winning side but has since failed to clinch a regular place.

Brazil manager Runco, on Gilberto, said:

“The players coming from European clubs tend, at the end of the season, to have muscle pains. Those who play in Brazil aren’t so bad”.

Analysed: The Brazil midfield

Tuesday, June 7th, 2005,4136,89459,00.html

Bubbly Brazilians

BRAZIL versus England is and always will be one of the great World Cup ties.

Come Germany 2006, the two most popular footballing nations could come face to face once more to settle a few old scores.

And of all people, it was Carlos Alberto Torres, who lifted the Jules Rimet Trophy in 1970, who started the ball rolling by declaring that Sven-Goran Eriksson has the best midfield in the world after the Three Lions cruised to a 2-0 victory over Azerbaijan in March.

Then, the quartet of David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Joe Cole were in top form as they ran circles around the Azeris.

Perhaps, Carlos Alberto had jumped the gun. Perhaps, he had overlooked something.

More precisely, if a direct comparison is to be made, England’s engine room will be put in the shade by that of Brazil’s.

For star quality, sheer team-work and pure fantasy football, look no further than the hot bods clad in those famous canary yellow and green Nike shirts.

With Rolex timing, precision passing and a generous amount of flair, the “selecao” romped to a 4-1 World Cup Qualifier win over Paraguay to stay one point behind leaders Argentina.

And central to the convincing victory was the outstanding performance of midfield unit that could really give the England stars a run for their money.

Back in the hometown of Porto Alegre and watched by 55,000 fans, Ronaldinho produced a five-star performance as his supernatural skills had the visitors tied up in knots.

The reigning Fifa World Player of the Year deservedly earned the plaudits for a pair of expertly-taken penalties and his excellent all-round play that make him more than worthy of the famous No 10 shirt.

If Ronnie’s form could hit new heights, England had better watch out, especially after getting a taste of what the buck-toothed one could do in Japan three years ago.

What about Kaka?

It will be a crime to label him as a supporting cast given his world-class talent.

AC Milan’s brilliant young playmaker is threatening to be the best in the business and he would have done his reputation no harm at all by conjuring up two assists to put the game beyond Paraguay’s reach.

Squaring the ball for Ze Roberto in the 70th minute, the Bayern Munich midfielder taunted and teased his markers along the fringe of the box before curling a left-footer into the top corner.

Kaka’s second creation was even better, fully demonstrating his outstanding spatial awareness and quickness of thought.

With defenders regrouping and closing the gaps, the 23-year-old bisected the rearguard with the most majestic of through balls, sending Robinho clear to slot home his second international goal.

Besides this world-class creative axis of Ronaldinho and Kaka, Carlos Alberto Parreira must be the luckiest coach on earth as he thank the heavens as he is really spoilt for choice in the midfield department – a privilege not enjoyed by his counterpart Eriksson.

Jermaine Jenas, Owen Hargreaves and Kieron Dyer have yet to stamp their class on the international stage while the England boss seems reluctant to sacrifice Beckham in favour of the exciting Shaun Wright-Phillips.

In stark contrast, Parreira’s order of battle makes scary reading.

Ronaldo’s absence has allowed him to tinker with a new 4-5-1 system, beefing up his midfield and leaving Adriano as a lone striker while Robinho tucked away on the right flank.

The 20-year-old, said to be the reincarnation of Pele, gave a good account of himself and with more matches and grooming, he could make a serious impact in Germany next June.

Whatever Lampard could do with his right foot, Ze Roberto could do with his left as the Bayern Munich man’s goal highlighted the deadly accuracy packed into his favoured boot.

Sitting behind the freestylers is Emerson, the rugged enforcer and conduit between midfield and defence whom some say is light years ahead of Nicky Butt.

But it is Brazil’s strength in depth which could potentially overwhelm England, or anybody else for that matter.

Such is the embarrassment of riches that Parreira could not even find a place in the first XI for the outstanding Juninho Pernambucano, whose free-kicks are worth the admission price alone.

Missing out, too, was anchorman Gilberto Silva, the neat and tidy Edu, the enigmatic Diego, future star Alex, the hard-working Kleberson and…Julio Baptista.

Baptista, the Seville sensation, deserves special mention as he could well be his country’s secret weapon next year.

Playing in an advanced role, the man mountain has the physique and ability to succeed. And he has scored a startling 22 goals in the Primera Liga this season.

It will be hard for the rest of the world, England included, to stop the samba masters, who just seem to have these awesome talents available on tap.

What a selection headache to have!

Gilberto models Redcurrant Arsenal kit

Friday, June 3rd, 2005

Taken from:

There in the middle row on the left, is Gilberto modeling the new Redcurrant Arsenal shirt.

He is such a classy gentleman.

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